Horror Games

FNAF: Security Breach Ruin takes a departure from the traditional point-and-click style of its predecessors and embraces a more exploratory and immersive approach. And today you will test these new mechanics on this site.

Meet the main character

You play a little girl who came to the new shopping center to rescue her friend Gregory – the protagonist of the previous part. You must find him while avoiding the animatronics that wander the Pizza Plex, utilizing hiding spots, stealth maneuvers and your wits to outsmart them.

The game presents a range of objectives and puzzles that need to be solved in order to progress through the story and escape from the nightmarish world. This new location is a massive entertainment complex, featuring various themed areas. And you must find your way out!

Think about getting help

This new part introduces a new cast of animatronic characters that will surely send shivers down your spine. The animatronics are more advanced and diverse than ever before, each with its own unique abilities. But not all robotic animals are evil.

You will find an unlikely companion in a bear, a friendly animatronic who offers guidance and support throughout the walkthrough. He acts as a guide, helping players navigate the treacherous Mega Pizza Plex, providing hints and offering assistance when needed.

Whether it’s distracting animatronics or assisting in puzzle-solving, this unlikely partnership adds an interesting dynamic to the walkthrough. Not to mention that you receive the opportunity to hide inside his body to avoid being spotted by other scary antagonists. This way you will outsmart most of your enemies and succeed in completing your mission.

Time to immerse yourself into this atmosphere again! It’s your turn to play and test this new horror!